Friday, August 5, 2016

Cinemalaya 2016 | Do You Want Something New?

08.05.2016 – There haven’t been quality shows in the Philippines let alone a film that was produced with the best, but obviously the worst there is to sell to Filipinos who doesn’t have access to cable or doesn’t have associate with foreign material.

Some would contradict this without even thinking who believe that theirs is the right opinion. This where independent film festivals comes in trying to educate some who are blinded by the overused concept like the upcoming Cinemalaya.

A majority of the public is slowly realizing that the overused plots or recycled themes in fantasy films or local TV series just like what Paulo Bayados wrote in 2014 about 8 Reasons Why Pinoy Teleseryes Will Never Upgrade to Hollywood-Level is one proof there are some who sees this no longer a conspiracy theory.

Cinemalya is the other who tries to put out the best independent films out there, and they are in the forefront in obviously giving you the realization that the overused themes are also degrading how the Philippine entertainment industry has degraded itself to lower itself to please the ‘mass appeal’ in the term of ‘dumbing down’ the quality that people should always get used to.

Some are still blinded by this notion but Cinemalaya would have nothing with it as they shared their trailer to promote the upcoming independent film festival is all about giving quality and trying to raise interest back to Philippine produced material…

It maybe hilarious but the trailer speaks the truth about overused plot in the example of Filipino-made fantasy films. For those who would understand it gets old and for those who are easily blinded by the usual crap well its up to you re-think and open your eyes to the reality of how the Philippine entertainment won’t upgrade itself to the higher standards it supposed to be.

Then again this is just an opinion but if you think Cinemalaya is telling you something look at it those previous locally made films or catch the local TV series that you’ve seen every night and then think why some would rather go watch foreign films because its way better than the ones that doesn’t make sense anymore.

For now Cinemalaya is offering more than just movies to see, they are produced with quality so if you want to see something new its starts today August 5 to 14, 2016.


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