Friday, March 1, 2013

The Dark Side of Stoker.

03.01.2013 – Stoker might look like another psychological thriller but watch it unfolds in the screen it brings a different perspective altogether. Every film that gets released under Fox Searchlight has the elements of an art film.

With Stoker its unique take by director Park Chan-Wook takes a fresh approach in a British –American film that brings you into a dark side of fictional family.

That fresh and new approach in this film delves deep into the confines troubled soul.

The principle actors are played out perfectly and Mia Wasikowska has grown up from playing Alice in Tim Burton’s billion dollar grossing film. A troubled teenager and a daughter in India Stoker who doesn’t know what she really wants in life. Her performance engaging with Matthew Goode and Nicole Kidman’s character is the makings of the best actress.

Its scenes and sequence are not entirely new but Park Chan-Wook delivers the goods in playing out in every scene. It might not be brutal but this film is worth watching like a blank canvass being filled with consistency of the story as it’s slowly unfolds.

The primary focus was India Stoker where the direction of her life takes her at the same time there’s Matthew Goode as Charlie Stoker the mysterious uncle who he claims to be.

Charlie who’s secrets does not get revealed but it’s obvious that he has a “heavy baggage” that will keep you guessing throughout the course of the film. It’s not the fear that will get into you but the anticipation of seeing how this gets resolved.

For Nicole Kidman nothing but praised for her performance being known for years on some dramatic roles she took this by far was not high or low but just brilliantly fine. As Evelyn Stoker the mother who has her own secrets that will find your curiosity put her in question for the things why she’s being more a stranger than you expect.

Park Chan-Wook weaves an interesting sequence that played out throughout the film with flickering lights and sequences that used shadows that tells you a story which unravels. There are a few short dragging moments but as an art film it has these elements than makes it interesting to watch.

Overall this film is highly recommended for those who just want to see a different kind of perspective mixing the elements of a psycho thriller with art.

The actors has kept their characters all wrapped up about who they are like three total strangers stuck in a room for a long time. The way Park Chan-Wook takes the direction of this film is simply charming.

Stoker stars Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman and Charlie Woode directed by Park Chan-Wook opens in cinemas nationwide on March 1, 2013. The film is produced by Fox Searchlight to be distributed by Warner Bros. Picture Studios in the Philippines.

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