Friday, July 29, 2016

Dyson Cool Fan's 5 Interesting Features!

07.29.2016 – Dyson is a British company founded by James Dyson on July 8, 1991. It’s famous for the bladeless fan as well as manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, and heaters. It’s now slowly becoming a popular product in the Philippines.

Currently it sells machines in over 70 countries and employs more than 7,000 people worldwide. Recently a mall exhibit features all their latest products, which also include the bladeless fan that is changing the way you own this kind of appliance.

The Bladeless fan is a unique design and it’s something worth a second look if you’re consumer looking for simplicity in technology and easy to use for your home. There are things also you should know about Dyson Cool, and its not only for aesthetics but something worth investing if you plan to acquire one.

Quietly Powerful

Some fans are quiet but weak and there others that's powerful, but with Dyson Cool this fan is 75% percent quieter compared to the previous generation. The engineers who have mastered their craft in making the latest model reduced turbulence throughout the machine by channelling airflow more efficiently. The motor noise and vibration have been isolated and significantly reduced.

Clean Airflow

There are no blades to hinder and it gives you’re money’s worth with the re-engineered airflow paths have been streamlined allowing air to pass through the machine with greater efficiency.

Less Power Consumption

Up to 30% less power is consumed with the AM06 and AM07 have improved airflow paths that reduce air turbelence. This allows the AM06 to consume 30% less power than AM01; AM07 10% less than AM02; AM08 15% less than AM03.

Easy to Clean

Standard electric fans have blades and they collect dust and gunk, but with Dyson Cool there are no awkward grilles or blades and it safe for kids without those fast-spinning blades that would lead to injury.

Two-Year Guarantee

Lastly if you want to have the best fan out there it’s also have the best warranty lasting for two years. Dyson make sure you invest on something worth lasting and that’s why they’re giving you the Dyson Cool with a two-year warranty to keep their product well maintained and long lasting.

The event also featured their vacuum cleaners and other product at the main atrium of Shangri-La Mall from July 29 to 31, 2016. For more details of their products LIKE Dyson PH on Facebook!

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