Thursday, July 28, 2016

adidas HomeCourt Opens at UP Town Center!

07.28.2016 – The iconic retail concept ‘HomeCourt’ makes its way to the Philippines, which opened its first store today at the U.P. Town Center. Taking the Philippine consumer experience to an entirely new level is impossibly nothing.

This was graced by collegiate athletes from volleyball and basketball, which was hosted by PBA sport analyst Chiqui Reyes. They announced this will be first of many concept stores bearing the appearance of the ‘HomeCourt’ concept.

‘HomeCourt’ concept started in 2014 at the adidas Brand Centre in Beijing, the largest store in planet. It continued to expand to different locations throughout the world. Jen Dacasin, adidas Brand Communications and Sports Marketing Manager was present during the ribbon cutting of its first store to incorporate this new look.

Miss Dacacin says “Now that HomeCourt has arrived here in the Philippines, we’re very excited to let more consumers enjoy the extraordinary shopping experience that it promises.” It will certainly attract those who are into basketball as most of the gear presented in this newly opened shop has are on display based from NBA teams.

There are four elements what make the adidas HomeCourt unique from their previous stores. These features the Arena Façade, Tunnel Entry, Team Room, and the Shoebase at Centrefield, which gives it more of being inside a gym than in a shoe store.

“Footwear is the heart of our brand and we now make it the heart of our stores placing it in the center of the floor radiating to the apparel categories that surround it. We have really expanded the ways that the consumers experience our Brand stores both digitally, 3D and 2D in our stores. The footwear zone plays a big role in really bringing that all together,” shares Dacasin.

The leading shoe retailer in the world clearly this is what their DNA pushing the brand with its ‘HomeCourt’ as one of its new store as part of the brand positioning that embodies the spirit of the sport. They have taken several inspiration in incorporating the design what a ‘HomeCourt; would appeal to consumers and its also like telling a story you’ll see how it feels to be inside a basketball court and that’s what makes it feel like more than just a retail store.

This is one of the first of many ‘HomeCourt’ stores that opened today, and will be followed with more throughout the year, and two ‘Neighborhood’ stores next month more focused on the adidas Originals brand.

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