Saturday, December 5, 2015

Restored & Re-Mastered: Kakabakaba Ka Ba?

12.05.2015 – Rarely if there is any quality films in the Philippines that some can be a notable classic today you can barely count in fingers how many they are.

But it’s rare to see a classic film getting a restored and being re-mastered to be preserved today.

Kakabakaba Ka Ba? (English: Does Your Heart Beat Faster?) Its one of those types of classic films from the 1980s that this generation should definitely should see.

It’s a musical comedy directed by Mike de Leon and LVN Pictures’ last offering in 1980. If you can’t pronounce the title like a notorious tongue twister then you might not be familiar with this nostalgic movie.

It features some of the iconic Filipino actors in this generation and defined why it was a cult classic for those who grew up where the Philippines still in the dark days of Martial Law. It was revealed that this film is getting a second life after being digitally restored and re-mastered by L’Immagine Ritrovata, a specialized film laboratory, a first for ABS-CBN having this project entirely done abroad.

This film harkens back to a time also where cassettes are cool and the actors like they shot this movie yesterday and if the trailer doesn’t convince you check this out:

The movie will be re-released with a special screening on December 9, 2015 at Trinoma Mall and you should see it!

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