Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Reel Review: Creed!

12.09.2015 – Creed is a spinoff from the Rocky films, but this movie is something special for those who follow the sport boxing. The feel and the thematic story is like the original Rocky with more focused of course to Adonis Creed.

There have been films aside from Rocky are set with narrative centered on the sport of boxing.

In reality is a difficult life many fighters go through life and it’s no different when the illegitimate son of a former fighter trying to find his own way.

Little is known story about Apollo Creed, but he did fought Rocky and was a legend of its own. For Adonis it s a shadow he can’t get away more of his path would find himself accepting for who he was and the process in-between what makes this film worth not just the drama but how each of the characters find their way together.

Creed is not your typically redemption film it’s about accepting who he was, and outside the cinema it also helped noting that Michael B. Jordan’s performance is as impressive as how he trained for this film. Let’s just say he’s better out knocking opponents than trying to be superhero that flame on. This is probably the sports drama you haven’t seen before since the original Rocky film first hit theaters forty years ago.

The stellar performance and the narrative embrace the elements of the previous films it came before, and chartering in its own path to greatness is all what those who have appreciated Rocky as one of the iconic films.

This film could be considered a sequel, spinoff, and an original on its own that delivered a knock out punch which is definitely worth seeing. Overall Creed is a winner on both ends of the ring taking direction from a young director like Ryan Coogler makes this film one of the best to see in 2015.

Creed is now playing in Philippine cinemas beginning December 9, 2015 from MGM Studios and locally distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.

RATED: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

NOTE: This review is not sponsored nor endorsed by Ayala Mall Cinemas, or Warner Bros Picture Philippines. This film is reviewed, rated personally and not to promote in selling the film.

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