Sunday, August 2, 2015

Reality Inside Book for Less Warehouse Sale!

08.02.2015 – Saturday was the busiest first day of the month this August. There were lots of events that transpired yesterday. One of these events is the month long “Book for Less” warehouse sale, which has been teased last Friday prior to the chaos.

It was the start of another month and also a very hectic weekend as hopefuls from all over Metro Manila travelled to Frankfurt Street, where the warehouse sale was held just in front of La Consolacion College in Pasig City…

If you haven’t heard about the “Book for Less” warehouse sale you must be missing out on the social media feeds, that was teased by Chito Miranda (frontman for Parokya Ni Edgar) and his wife Neri who where the first few privileged ones to give you an idea what to expect in this event.

Reading about where its located sounds easy, but getting there is quite a bit of a challenge going through traffic, and at the same time trying to figure out where is the place exactly can be found.

Human Road Assistance

For those who has a car doesn’t mean it can be convenient for you to get there you want to need someone to be your navigator. A Waze app can be helpful but a human assistance is more reliable to keep you company on this road trip.

Anyone who’s not familiar with the area certainly needs to be prepared for the long travels even if it’s just within the city. Getting to the Book for Less warehouse sale is no cake walk and people are talking about going there seemed exciting, but in reality its not what you’ll expect unless if you where one of those few invited to see it first the day before chaos broke you’ll be thinking already what to look for.

Be Prepared with Less Expectation

If you’re going to the warehouse sale like this PLAN AHEAD and BE EARLY, these two words that can be helpful if you’re really got nothing to do on this day. And all you’ll do is spend almost a whole day to dig up a pile of old books. Because when you get there you may want to need to bring a pair gloves, an extra shirt, bottled water (they are also selling those there) and probably something to protect your mouth from the dust. Most of the books are either pre-owned or donated from some charitable institution that decided to do spring cleaning.

When your there already don’t expect to find a goldmine that other people are talking about who already have gone there. Because most of the good ones that they got can no longer be found and everything there are not organized. It’s going to be a long day if you’re expecting something good to find. But if you’re a random-kind-of individual who is just going there to look around you may find something you’ll probably like.

Don’t Bring the Kids to this Place

The warehouse doesn’t have air-conditioning its dusty and if you’re going there with kids don’t expect a healthy environment. Most of the books piled up are children’s books some are rare ones that are pre-owned, and might find some of the pages torn or missing. This place is absolutely “No Little Kids Allowed” unless they’re old enough to assist you or are patiently enough to sift through piles of dusty used books.

But you know some Filipinos would still bring little kids to these places even though it’s a little bit of unhealthy environment for them. Mostly the little children who would happen to have allergies to dust or have sensitive health should not be brought to these types of venues.

Some rare finds you'll probably see it there or a better one unlike this.

A Whole Month of Twenty Bucks

Book for Less” warehouse sale will be a month long event beginning from August 1 to 31, 2015 with exception of dates of August 3, 10, 17, and 24. For more inquiries through their social media LIKE Book for Less on Facebook!

Visit their site at:

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