Thursday, July 30, 2015

Reel Review: Rogue Nation!

07.30.2015 – “Rogue Nation” the fifth instalment from the “Mission Impossible” film series was definitely a step back at the same time inventive for what the Impossible Mission Force is all about now as a franchise.

The spy genre films has been in abundance this year, but this one seems to be intelligent than the last one.

Just like Ethan Hunt the film is one step ahead of its other genre related films that defined never quite impossible.

Its original TV series has been one of the longest to last more than you can imagine. Every episode had a new team, but what the films make it fresh every new take is how things are polished like brand new. Of course the most consistent characters would be Mr. Hunt and his big friend Luther then you got Benjamin Dunn an instant favourite.

You feel like “Rogue Nation” translates seemingly in real life that everyone has being infiltrated. Well the last films had that kind of thematic being resilient is a rare courage to prove that your own employer or friend has been almost compromised. You don’t even know that it feels the same when you’re seeing this film.

Every Scene is a Build Up

What makes “Rogue Nation” entertaining is the constant build up not felt in the last. But Christopher McQuarrie who written and directed this film has found the balance of story telling with intense action.

This is what makes “Mission Impossible” as exciting at the same time taking you up, and then letting you go for a free fall of chase scenes or fight sequence that’s grounded. But of course there is bit unrealism to how things go with that exception being stuck on the side of a plane revealed in the trailer which is real.

Ethan Hunt in Cruise Control

Of course Mr. Hunt is the center of this film that reminds you that he’s already in post-graduate course. He started as the young point man for Jim Phelps who has seen the 1996 Brian de Palma film is a sort of passing the torch. But first he has to stay alive. The John Woo film seemed an after thought trying to save someone else’s life, and then you got JJ Abrams setting up Hunt that he has to save his life.

“Ghost Protocol” was great it topped the other three and it quickly jumpstarts the franchise what it was all about. But “Rogue Nation even though it never topped the last one found its way to be fresh, and at the same time innovative for its narrative with Mr. Hunt being the point of the conversation.

This Verdict will destruct in Five Seconds

There’s no love lost for William Brandt who was introduced in the last one, but Jeremy Renner was as we say the face of what’s IMF. Rebecca Ferguson sort of an upgrade from Paula Patton, but surely the fans hope to see her on the next one. Alec Baldwin surely is a welcome member of the ensemble that had a few moments.

But overall even though with an impressive action, visuals, and narrative there’s going to be a crack on the armor. It lacks more of the other casts portrayal reduced to having more Hunt.

But you also got a stellar performance from Simon Pegg with the buddy chemistry this one got its mission accomplished even though Ving Rhames had too many burgers for this one. Here’s hoping to see him kick some bad guy just like the early ones along with Jeremy Renner too.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” is quite tight as its espionage secrets always a step ahead and still impressive as the last one.

The film is NOW SHOWING from Paramount Pictures, which is distributed by United International Pictures via Columbia Pictures Philippines.

RATED: 5 out of 5 Stars

NOTE: This review is not sponsored nor endorsed by United International Pictures or Columbia Pictures Philippines. This film is reviewed, rated personally and not to promote in selling the film.

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