Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Reel Review: American Heist!

07.22.2015 – “American Heist” sounds like another interesting film to being that its produced by an American-Russian collaboration and at the same time have an interesting cast in Adrian Brody, Haiden Chistiansen, Jordana Brewster & Akon.

Just as the title of the film you’ll find that it’s a heist film featuring interesting characters and there lies expectation that it can be comparable to previous ones that made good that it’s more than just run-on-the-mill type of action type movie…

But then again I might not be led to see another film altogether, but its quite noting that you have an Academy Award winner in Adrian Brody, a former Jedi turned Sith Lord in Haiden Christiansen and Jordana Brewster fresh from her recent role in Fast 7, and then you got Akon calling the shots in this drama filled movie about a heist.

That Repetitive Brother

The first few minutes of the film you try to get a ‘feel’ of what this film is all about. But from the start things might look up interesting unfortunately things slowly get los in translation what the title of the film should be.

This would be entertaining but for Brody’s character the interest went from impressive to losing your focus, but everything else its watchable if not for the annoyance of a guy who just got out of the joint and started acting like he’s free from where he was the last ten years.

Getting Lost in the Groove

For everything you though about the title of the film it had to take a slow approach in what it should be about. There where unnecessary scenes that doesn’t make this move from its directions and it tends to loose too much elements what this film is.

But there is something good about this film to take note and that comes with Akon’s performance for someone who’s largely known for being an entertainer he’s got potential to be a solid actor. He takes the lead in a serious role that he never twitch in delivering the lines and being a cold blooded criminal really has something going on there.

The American that’s not a Heist, Wait What?

Overall “American Heist” has an interesting narrative, but it turned out to be a smorgasbord film that has plenty elements that some seemed unnecessary. It would have been something more focused on what a heist film than filling it up as a crime drama that tends to have too much of everything.

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RATED: 3 out of 5 Stars

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