Thursday, December 26, 2013

Adelaide Journals 2013: DIY Car Wash at BP On The Run!

12.26.2013 – In Australia almost everything is “self-service.” You pay at the counter or clean up after you eat at a nearby fast food restaurant it is self-service. It shows independence and not over exaggerating with too many hands to do your chores.

When you think of car wash you go to the garage (service station term for gas station in Australia) and there are people already to do the job. But at St. Mary’s BP on the Run you do it yourself for less than $10.00 AU dollars. Just put $1.00 AU dollar in the machine and the blaster shoots high pressured water with foam to rinse the dirt away.

Every time you put $1.00 AU dollar you get 1:59 of time to use the pistol that shoots water with foam consists of soap detergent that doesn’t ruin your car’s paint job. It’s a DIY car wash that saves cost and its hands on.

When you’re done cleaning all the much and dirt from all that road travel you just wipe it with the cloth that is also available through the machines similar to the one you used to blast dirt on your car. Each BP (British Petroleum) on the Run station has that facility where you park the car to clean up.

Once your done washing and wiping off the water you proceed to use the vacuum cleaner, which appears like the pumping station but it’s not.

The other self-services provided at BP is putting air on your tires (which is for free like any gas station out there) and putting gas on your car where in some countries exaggerate having assistance with the usual “gas boy.” You just pay inside the convenient store once you’re done filling up.

For those who doesn’t time there’s the “Happy Wash” where you drive inside and let the machine clean your car. It will cost you $9.95 AU. But it’s different when you just have time to get some workout in cleaning your car.

Besides the services for your car there’s the convenient stores that has Brumbles Bakery, Wok in the Box and Subway. So if you’re on a camping trip and forgotten something they might have what you need and they are open 24/7. But what makes this garage interesting is the self-service which is a good work out and save enough Aussie dollars.

If you happen to drive off with a friend or relative to accompany just to have his/her car washed you’ll see how things work in Australia with these kinds of services you might not find in your area.

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