Friday, November 29, 2013

FHM December 2013: Alice Dixson!

11.29.2013 – Remember when you used to see that Palmolive commercial in 1987 with this young vibrant girl, where she blurts out “I Can Feel It!” with a glee and smile on her face. Then she got into television and was a fairy on an old sitcom then disappeared.

Well actually in-between those years she was Dyesabel (Filipino version of Mermaid) and then she migrated to Canada but came back in the mid-2000s. Honestly. Before every woman that came to mind Alice Dixson was the most relevant. She’s not exotic but carries this beauty that never fades away.

Though I never was a fan of her recent television shows I see her in the news or through promos of her most recent show. The classiest woman I find most entertaining and she doesn’t look old in her forties.

Early today FHM unveil their upcoming issue for December 2013 and I have stop picking up this magazine long ago. Not because it’s taking up so much space to collect them, but for the reason the content has been not the same. There’s nothing that interest me now compared to back when a friend of mine asks me to go bring him to the signings on a monthly basis.

There are only a few cover girls that really caught my attention, but when you talk about Alice Dixson she’s the woman I never expect to see on a men’s magazine. Not even to the point of baring herself and time has indeed change.

Even without disrobing herself in front of a camera or a men’s magazine her beauty defined what some guy’s wanted to meet in a girl. Clearly if I was younger I would have said something different. But THIS IS Alice Dixson I’m talking about someone who stays classy and not just some girl on the cover of FHM.

This gets released on December 2, 2013 and this might be the only FHM magazine I’ll be picking up this year.

I might get two for her to sign it.

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