Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Images of KOTR 2013!

07.07.2013 – The annual King of the Road organized by adidas is one event I haven’t missed I joined the fun run in 2011. But never I was prepared for everything this years as things are not what I expected to happen and honestly I was out of shape.

There was no inkling that I would run 15K but at behest of a friend so I did signed up to do just that without thinking the consequence.

But I know it will leave me bruised up for the next few days after today’s festivities not having prepared for this just for a piece of metal that you’ll be wearing on your neck.

During the course of the event I have been unprepared and lacking sleep. It has been months since I stopped running and taking the workout altogether. I’m sure I would regret it but never to the point of being knocked out for the whole duration of Sunday.

All I was thinking was helping out another friend enjoy the experience of running. But I’m not going to take another beating next year and if given another opportunity to run again this time I run in my own terms not going to slow down as I’m still able to run faster than some that I can still carry myself.

During the run what distracts me from running slow is the appreciation of the city itself where they routed the course. Sunday morning is a rare devotion for me to up before the sun came and shine down on the streets and these photos can attest that…

Adidas King of the Road was one of the events hoping to continue to run but not to take it as a serious thing unlike many years ago. Earning a third medal with a category is great but it will seriously leave me resting for the next few days and this was just day one of that “bed rest” as the aches are starting to sink in.

But hopefully next year I’d rather take the standard category I don’t want to run just for heck of it. The reason I participated is to enjoy the sport and still show running is an enjoyable sport regardless you’re not a regular at these running events.

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