Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Short Travels within the City.

05.01.2013 – The first day would always be the start of something new and fresh to the perspective. I’m not expecting but to go about my normal routine as I don’t frequently travel outdoors lately.

It’s been a while but I just decided to go out without any other reason besides picking up my comic books at Comic Odyssey.

Earlier today was a short but meaningful travel around the city and just approach it as a laid back calm manner of adventure. I sound boring these past few days because I've been at home stuck inside “The Matrix” for quite some time trying to beat the deadlines.

I took the bus instead of the usual walk to the train station because its saves a lot of time for me to get to my original destination which is in the Ortigas area.

Most of my routine when I pick up my comics it’s always on weekends since I get to hang out and talk to the owner of the store. This time I traveled and appreciate every perspective along the way to Robinsons Galleria.

It beats standing inside the train versus being comfy seated on a bus that has decent air conditioning. But the 45 minute trip seems like forever when you’re stuck listening the music on your smart phone while your mind wanders in deep thought at the same time getting distracted by the view of the things you see along Edsa.

I only spent fewer hours at the mall and upon entering and going up the 4th level the big dome greeted me with a silent appreciation for its structure. I went around at Toys R’ Us and then went down to Comic Odyssey to pick up my comic books which I spent almost an hour browsing some of the titles that I didn’t get. But everything was all good checking out some of the books that I wish to follow but like anyone who is conscious about having limited funds I’m at skimming pages instead.

After a short trip at the shop went to the department store and took the back exit and decided to walk under the heat of the sun. Along the way from a far I just notice The Podium which was a high end mall located at the back of SM Megamall.

I just realized they are building a huge structure on top of its base and it’s kind of weird to see something that was originally as a mall. I’m no architect or engineer but how would this be a good thing putting a new building on top of structure that was built for commercial space? What I’m saying is that would this mall would be strong enough to have a huge building created on top of it?

The construction industry in the Philippines is booming giving jobs and seeing new buildings coming out like mushrooms all of a sudden. But just curious to know if they are enough to survive natural disasters like earthquakes or strong storms that can knockout a building has got into asking that to myself.

But all of those questions have been thrown out of the window to appreciate the wonders of engineering for something like this. Then took my time to rest at the Ortigas Park before heading back home.

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