Saturday, April 6, 2013

Behind The Scenes: I-Juander TV Segement.

04.06.2013 – It was as shall we say a “good stress” Saturday as doing a TV segment is not that easy.

Some might think it’s the coolest thing to do when you’re appearing on a show but it’s not.

It takes a lot of preparation when you feature a group rather than doing solo.

It’s been a while since I got to be the case study for the segment as I try to be much of the person behind the scenes than being the one in the spotlight.

Honestly I've been doing this for almost 7 years ago and at first it was exciting but as you continue to do it things are not what you think. It’s cool and not at the same time due to the pressure to prepare for it.

Last year “toy photography” was featured twice first by TV5 in their show which I never got the chance to record the segment featuring a member of the group and the other one was for the Davao-based toy photographer for the morning show based in that place.

For this year since the admins of the group can’t commit due to personal emergencies I had to take charge of the segment. I invited a few people who I see who needs to be given exposure doing the segment due to their individual style of taking photos. Most especially the toys they use as their subject. It was originally going to feature the admins of the Toy Photography group but since most of them have dropped off due to more important commitments.

I’m not sure how long the exposure would appear on television but I assume it would be less than five minute to have the team given camera time. It was supposed to be at the Ayala Triangle Gardens but due to Makati Central Business District’s VERY strict guidelines obtaining a permit the TV crew decided to have the shoot done somewhere else.

But overall the shoot turned up well most of us had fun sharing insight about how to improve each of our style in taking photos and it was quite a learning experience. I can say it was definitely fun to some of their toys that they used for the shoot but I honestly won’t see in the actual broadcast.

We end up having the shoot at the Raja Sulaiman in Malate and near the area of the Folk Art’s Theatre in PICC which I find it interesting spot for future toy photography shoot locations.

After the shoot we mostly went out checking some toy stores as one of our own was craving to look for a RED Mini Cooper which I doubt would be easy to find. But that’s another story to tell all I can say is catch the airing of the segment on GMA News TV’s I-Juander which will be shown on Wednesday April 10, 2013 at 8PM so don’t miss it!

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