Monday, September 17, 2012

Into the Wild of Bosnia in The Hunting Party!

09.17.2012 – The Hunting Party an action adventure film set a in a political activism and black comedy which was originally shown in the 64th Venice International Film Festival in September 2007.

The movie is an SM Cinema's CINExclusive. The film stars Richard Gere in the lead role with Terrence Howard, Jesse Eisenberg and Diane Kruger rounding up the supporting cast.

The film’s original working title was Spring Break in Bosnia which was changed to its current title during post production.

Though the film looks fresh when it was shown earlier today it was indeed one of Terrence Howard’s films before he took a role in Iron Man as Rodey shown in 2008.

The premise tells the story about a filed newscaster in Simon Hunt (Richard Gere) and his long-time cameraman named Duck (Terrence Howard) who goes to Bosnia with a young apprentice journalist Benjamin (Jesse Eisenberg) to find the most wanted man known only as “The Fox.”

It might find you interesting how it started from the gritty setting of Bosnia and this carries some violent scenes that some might find offensive but it’s good enough for you to understand.

There’s nothing to share more to avoid some crucial scenes that could be potential spoilers. Going through the roles of the actors they have done well finding out that this was Terrence Howard’s Pre-Iron Man movie he’s fun to watch as Duck.

This was also Jesse Eisenberg’s first films before he got the role as Mark Zuckerberg in the Social Network in 2010, which is quite amusing how he still carry that stuttering delivery whenever he speaks his lines in this film. Of course Richard Gere IS Richard Gere who’s character has a deeper agenda why he wants to give the most wanted man in Bosnia an exclusive interview.

Diane Kruger is a surprise character that you should definitely watch out for though it might look like a small role she fits in to round out the cast.

It has moments of interest and sometimes it gets lost how it was carried out but overall a good entertaining film unique on its own. But definitely an average film that you might find as an option to see if you already saw some of the heavy hitters shown in SM Cinema.

If you’re looking for independent type of films this might be right up your alley because you’ll never know this might be on a limited screening. The Hunting Party is already shown EXCLUSIVELY nationwide in SM Cinemas from Paramount Pictures and Solar Entertainment!

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