Sunday, February 27, 2011

Distinct Yet Diverse Living in the South with Alveo!

02.27.2011 - An eco-centric neighborhood with a leisure community for your family.

The Alveo Southside District has the resources, amenities, and facilities you need to enjoy the ideals that innovate residential living has to offer.

We got to see the glimpse of the future and with an upscale community its like being in a foreign land.
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Though the concept is more than just having the lifestyle that it delivers. They are bringing nature and technology hand in hand, which will benefit those who invested for a premium.

There was three places we came to see and the first one was the most developed. Verdana Homes Mamplasan is something it came out from a postcard. Quite serene, the village is definitely upscale, and you can see how they adapted the American suburbs.

The club house itself is very much a mixed of achitectual design from foreign countries, and a few would jump at a pool if they had the opportunity to do so.

After getting the tour of the village we stopped by the Evolving Center, where the commercial area is located. Business establishments from well known BPOs are housed in this picture perspective techno park. A long lake is located at the back area, which stretches from far and wide.

The place you want to stroll around or if your a photography junkie would pick this as one of the best spots for a shoot.

Next tour was a preview of Venare, which is still being developed. They gave us details that the huge lots where already sold out. There was no houses in sight, but in the next few years it will be something similar to Verdana Homes.

Our last stop and its where we had a sumptuous meal at Treveia. Its where a presentation hosted by former MTV VJ Shanna Torres, and further details on the development of these three communities.

Astounding to see how these came to be as we move to the future. This is going to be a populace when its development is complete. For anyone looking forward to invest in the for the next generation this might be the place to be.

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