Friday, October 15, 2010

Life As Kuting Knew She Would Miss It.

10.15.2010 - Life As We Know It things won't be the same. Personally there where a lot of drama in the past that's between me and... my so called cousin.

She missed seeing the movie in which she took off leaving two of her friends along wwith my care. I only see my distant relative once or even... Well whenever.
Jump after the cut...

You know the gist but whenver I'm down I consult her zany uptight humor. I'm not that last year person when she saw breaking down into bajillion bits. Now that things are quite distant and virtually rare for me to communicate. Its through the social media platforms on twitter and facebook I get to talk to my cousin.

Pardon the bald guy THAT IS a different relative namely Mach "Diesel" Manuel who is out there in san Diego. Small world fancy meeting her colleague and friend at work... Actually her colleague's boyfriend knows me in some forum's username not long ago.

I'm glad to meet new set of people but not seeing my distant relative stay longer. I wish she stayed and see the movie, but I have to understand commitments and her raket needs to be prioritized.

I hope she won't disappear again for another week its getting unhealthy. Though with that consolation I got to hangout with the usual suspects with Ryan J. and Vince after Azi and her hubby Scarlett Spidey left. Tim was off with his fam, and after arriving home finding my inbox with lots of mail to read.

The movie was... So-so could have been monumental but pacing was not unexpected. Though not to splurge you with spoilers overall it was a good film if your distant relative beside you cranking up the humpor.

Let's hope the next movie would find her interested to stick to the movie chair.

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