Saturday, May 9, 2009


05.09.2009 - Every month I'm always standing in line just to get my FHM magazine signed by the featured cover girl. I haven't missed a single autograph signing since I hooked up with my pal Mach sometime in October 2007. The only month that didn't had a signing was March 2009.

The featured cover girl haven't had a decent schedule to have it set. So far the best one was a few hours ago. A virtual unknown to many people, and only a selected few had seen her. Enter Valerie "Bangs" Garcia this month's FHM cover girl.

I'm no photography genius but I know when I get a good shot its something that delivers its uniqueness. And this one was caught unexpectedly using a Canon S5iS camera.

I just like taking these kinds of emotional shots.

It shows how one individual express such joy specially with Bangs in glee having signed everyone's magazine for two hours.

Now that's fan service for you.

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