Sunday, September 4, 2016

Vinyl on Vinyl | Sixth Anniversary Perspective

09.04.2016 – It’s been six years since Vinyl on Vinyl established itself as one of the art galleries in the Central Business District that started out more like a hobby than the usual place that you usually see in every art gallery.

But there’s something more from its beginnings where it used to be located at the Collective and moved out to carve its identity more than just exhibit. It nurtured and promoted talented individuals with its own style redefining the modern contemporary art.

It added its personal touch that celebrated its anniversary that defined its name.

Vinyl on Vinyl opened its doors on February 8, 2010 in the old location at The Collective, where it was all about Art Toys, Urban Culture, and Music since they also sell vinyl records, which was at that time is slowly getting interest from the non-so mass market scene.

By 2013 they moved out to a bigger location in a warehouse located just beside Kings Court, where a commercial district is slowly being established. VoV slowly focused in nurturing the young talents that will be featured in their gallery every month. They also have international artists featured their show exclusively in this gallery.

It was a culture scene rarely noticed by the mainstream that slowly had cultivated its own culture that not only promotes the art scene by the entirety that defined what modern contemporary art is that other gallery from around world has started.

Anniversary night featured the best artists from the local and international scene contributing their art style and making vinyl records into works of art. There was a live art demo at the same time band performances that add spice to the celebration. The venue was packed just like what used to be whenever there’s a featured artist, but on this night it was the gallery’s anniversary and after six years it continues to evolve and stayed true to what everyone was into… Art.

For the first time the art gallery opened the anniversary on a Saturday night, where others usually schedule their events. VoV usually had its opening nights held on weekdays, but for this night the part was held on the weekend and like any anniversary it was party.

The gallery was packed up to the second level section where all the vinyl records painted by every artists who have been featured at Vinyl on Vinyl either was a spotlight with a solo, duo or group show everyone had their hand on each vinyl record and made it into a blank canvas of their creation.

So here’s to more Vinyl on Vinyl art gallery featuring the best and brightest visual artist out there. If the images don’t convince you that art scene is growing you must be living under the rock to appreciate it. If you’re open to something different and new drop by and see the ever evolving art to get a newer perspective.

For more details about the upcoming art exhibits visit Vinyl on Vinyl art gallery located at 2135 warehouse II 2nd floor, Chino Roces Avenue Pasong Tamo, Makati City.

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