Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Reel Review: Trainwreck!

08.26.2015 – Trainwreck was already been released to a wide audience since July 17th in North America and I thought this won’t make it to the Philippines. But as they say “never say, never” and I haven’t read or seen the critical review for this film.

To those hoping to catch this film it’s only being released in limited theaters, which is exclusively for Ayala Malls Cinemas beginning today. Rarely catch American produced rom-coms but I want to see how LeBron James’ performance turns out.

The film is directed by Jude Apatow who also directed the “40-year old Virgin”, “Funny People”, and “This is 40” who produced “The Bridemaids” is directing LeBron James and this film is loaded with personalities. Though not a fan of LeBron I’m just curious how he portrays a fictional version of him.

Mostly the credit for the narrative goes to Amy Schumer who wrote the story and portrayed Amy Townsend surrounded with just the right ensemble cast for this film that includes Bill Hader (voiced Fear on Inside Out) and you’ve got it right on paper.

It all started with Amy

The story of course is all about Amy Townsend (Schumer) who works in a Men’s Magazine getting regularly drunk, stoned and sleeps with most men she meets on a first date. She only dated and had relationship with one guy named Stephen (John Cena) a muscle bound dude.

In all the conflicts she’s trying to resolve doesn’t find reality until he meets Dr. Aaron Conners (Bill Hader) a sports doctor who is a close friend to LeBron James. Interestingly enough if you’ve close your eyes you’ll hear a serious version of Fear from Inside Out. But Bill Hader makes a convincing sports doctor.

Dr. Conners’ Best Friend

For all the teasers and written feature about the film the only reason I got to catch Trainwreck is because of LeBron James and he’s quite as convincing as his fictional character as in real life. Mr. James is convincingly good actor for his first time role unlike the bit roles making cameos in shows like Entourage.

In Trainwreck his chemistry with Bill Hader was convincingly enough to enjoy the film. There’s another athlete in there that makes its interesting too, but if you haven’t seen it I’m not saying who to avoid the surprise. This film was good enough to catch it on last screening time, since this was limited only shown in Ayala Cinemas a good down time to just to be entertained to see real life athletes perform on screen.

Overall well written story about realization by Amy Schumer, convincingly good performance by Bill Hader as a sports doctor, and LeBron James first movie that had him part of the narrative certainly saving the laughs for one particular scene if you see it as its already playing in all Ayala Mall Cinemas.

Trainwreck” is NOW SHOWING in the Philippines exclusively from Ayala Mall Cinemas from Universal Pictures Distributed in Asia by United International Pictures via Columbia Pictures in the Philippines.

RATED: 3 out of 5 Stars

NOTE: This review is not sponsored nor endorsed by Ayala Mall Cinemas, United International Pictures or Columbia Pictures Philippines. This film is reviewed, rated personally and not to promote in selling the film.

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