Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Tale of Two Jobs. Not Your Usual Movies.

09.10.2013 – By now the two films I have just seen in the past 24 hours would be having its last weeks and I still haven’t had the time to write a review separately. But one thing that I really appreciate about these films is pure joy of just a regular viewer.

I haven’t paid for my movie ticket since Disney Planes since they cancelled the special media screening after a typhoon came and almost crippled some parts of the country for the past weeks. So this was a back-to-back kind of catching up seeing movies I don’t usually watch which definitely not an experiment but rather trying to catch up on something different.

Jobs was on a 10 PM screening for the last full show and I’ve wanted to see this since I heard it from the grapevine. I’m no Ashton Kulcher fan but I’ve seen him do the oddest things on That 70s Show and MTV’s Punk’d that was stuck on my memory as long as I remembered. He was a punk kid rising to the top at the same time married Demi Moore the hottest chick from the 1980s that ended of course in divorce.

But after watching a YouTube clip of him accepting the award the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards he started to gain my respect for his craft as an actor. That speech was not much caught wind by the kids at the event but it surely delivered a message of inspiration to some who listened.

Then here comes his movie “Jobs” which was first shown in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival which did not made that much buzz but it puts Kulcher in the spotlight regarding his performance that changed the way I see him now as an actor much to the reaction why Ben Affleck was chosen to take the mantle of the bat to Christian Bale for the upcoming untitled sequel to the Man of Steel.

But enough mainstream “batfleck” more on Ashton Kulcher made me see how he is now as a up and coming goofball to the actor that he is now.

For the most part if you haven’t seen “Jobs” I won’t even spill any spoilers since the film is a biopic that tells the story of the late great tech innovator in Steve Jobs from his days at Reed College in 1974 up to the time he introduced the iPod in 2001.

It’s all you need to find out is watch the film what happens in-between and how he got there to also find out how Jobs was as a person which really impressed me how Kulcher handled the performance that some criticized but honestly I enjoyed seeing how things come together and why Apple Inc. is one of the biggest tech companies in this generation.

I thought seeing this through was like as if time has stopped since I’m not accustomed to watching films that run on dialogues but it was an indie film at first and I got used to it to like the film though not in its entirety just some parts of how the company that revolutionized the iPhone.

Past midnight I got out just lost for words or thoughts on how to write it as a review and at the back of my mind I was counting the hours to catch “OTJ (On The Job)” a local film that got a good review by word of mouth that past week.

The following day I was originally plan to see it in the first day showing in the morning but due to personal circumstance I decided to see on its last full show.

It’s been a long time since I saw film at Greenbelt 1 where I used to see movies in my college days. But this is not the first I watched a movie here it was a couple weeks back with a friend who invited me to see a film I can’t hardly remember but I know it was a foreign movie.

But this was my first time to see a local film on my own at Greenbelt 1 and it’s my second Filipino film after “Tuhog” which I saw it with a couple of friends at Trinoma sometime at the end of July.

On The Job” or abbreviated as OTJ is an action thriller film from start to finish inspired by other foreign movies with a level of detail that made me believe director Erik Matti has pushed the quality in making this movie. This is something other Filipino films should follow suit when it comes to putting quality and do away with the old rust down formula that are over the top and too campy for my personal taste.

The film has a lot to offer but I’m sure some of you have seen it but I won’t divulge details about until of course Star Cinema gets to release a Blu-ray/DVD home format. But with all things about the premise of the film it reflects how the current state of the Philippines is being told with the society is being viewed you’ll know how things goes with corruption and it never gets grittier than any action b-movie type of film.

From vampire hunting comic book inspired film in Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles to OTJ, director Erik Matti knows how to tell a story. I haven’t seen Tik tik though I was personally saw how they try to market the film during Summer Komikon 2012 with a comic book adaptation at the same time a behind the scenes videos and trailers that was never seen until the closing date of the release of the film.

I really enjoyed watching this film and with a stellar cast I can only point out a few actors that definitely delivered the goods in their performance. One of them is Joey Marquez who I’m accustomed to have known him for sexy comedy roles in the early 1990s.

For this film when I saw him took the role of an honest police cop he reminds me of his character in one of his comedy films that parodied “Robocop” which was titled “Bobocop” but that slowly changed my perception of him as the movie rolled through the thick of things and how his character was serious.

I couldn’t elaborate on the details but I really like the look of this film and you can credit the other actors like Joel “Tatang” Torre, Piolo Pascual and of course Gerald Anderson.

There are scintillating scenes and then there’s Dawn Jimenez an indie actress that caught my attention for a few seconds. But like I said I won’t go to spoiling how Dawn figure out her role in this film.

But overall the action sequence really was something and it’s been a while since I last saw a Filipino film that caught my attention and to see it for myself.

I can’t remember watching the last Filipino action film that was over the top and it was exaggerated for it’s over used standards. If I can recall it was a comedy film at the same time with a song and dance number but its good I have forgotten what it was.

But OTJ definitely a film I highly recommended for you to see it and if you missed the regular screening try catching it on home video once it gets released. For the movie Jobs I leave it at your discretion as the way it was made to be an art film rather than usual biopic that can be admired by most people who see mainstream movies.

I’m just glad to see both films in the past two days and try to figure out why it’s unique for me to see it out of the usual stuff I get to watch.

I’d say I like OTJ better and IF ever the home video comes out definitely I’ll pick it up and for those friends of mine in North America you all will get to see it this fall. I highly recommend watching it not because it’s a Filipino film but for the way the story is told much like the elements of the movie transcend in the real world.

Find the time to appreciate the Filipino films more as they are rarely to come by due to stiff competition with the foreign movies which definitely sold me.

I like to see what Erik Matti is going to do next. I say he should make and directs the graphic novel in Andong Agimat but that would be purely a dream though anything is possible. Besides I’m sure he won’t read this sort of personal review but it is a dream.

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