Tuesday, May 26, 2009


05.26.2009 - I've been following her music since 2004, but between that year up to 2007 its just news about her gigs. I never had a chance to actually go to her shows.

Until May 2008 where I met her manager Roca Cruz personally in one of her church gigs. I've been a regular hanging out at Tapa's, where she spends her free time with friends either from the mailing list also known as Kitchie's Listers or with people she met along the way.

Kitchie and Roca will be flying off to Sweden on June 10th. First they'll make a stop to Jordan for a special gig and then off to be away for a year.

So make the most of seeing her last gigs this week. Photo taken last Sunday at Conspiracy Bar during Gospel Jam.

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