Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Toy Photography and Other Things.

02.21.2012 – What is the original idea of Toy Photography? I asked myself to my own disbelief that the change in a couple months would result to becoming big. I remember someone two years ago who founded another group was in this situation. He was withholding the group’s growth to the point of offending its own admin members and the community itself.

I almost did the same earlier today offending a lot of people to the point I forgot what it meant being one of them. I forgot who was reading and keeping an eye on who’s who. Whatever I said and the action I did was a personal form of letting things out not knowing everyone won’t understand.

I was being selfish about letting this hurting a lot of close friends and more. Though there are a lot of things to be considered to take things in a perspective I’m sure there’s a macro image photo of me circulating now is becoming a meme that I’m saying “This is not Toy Photography” and all I can say is I can scratch it now in my bucket list that someone made one for me regardless of its negative or positive nature.

The bottom line of talking about Toy Photography now is I just want to apologize to everyone including those I had rudely communicated in private and in the past. I know some of you just wanted to be part of the group and I shot them down in a negative aspect by commenting in some of your compositions or what not.

Whatever it was the past months up to this day I just want to take the opportunity to say “SORRY” in all caps because there’s no word to use appropriately.

I know some would laugh about what I can say now that I’m apologizing because it’s the right thing to do. For those who are still hating me for my actions and the things I do well I can’t please every one of you at least I’m man enough to admit my mistakes.

So where does the interest of Toy Photography go from here? It’s up to everyone they freely chose to do and I don’t have anything to do with it. Just like everyone I’m just part of the community who would do what others continue to shoot his/her own perspective.

“The Idea” is up to anyone what they chose to do I’m just someone who “promoted” it not intended to "invent" the hobby as my own. If there are people who would add things to what I said today that’s their problem and that’s another story to tell.

Now I said my piece and if all of you are still not satisfied then I’m not talking to the right people. To the person who I messaged personally you got my respect you know who are.

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